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#EngineeringGreatness – A must read!

Start up team working on a business chart together. Focus is on African American man drawing.

One very basic definition of an engineer is simply one who is a “problem solver”. In the profession, this typically involves using the principles of math and physics to derive a desired solution. However, in a general sense, engineering is also something that happens in our everyday life, whenever we use available resources to find the solutions to navigate whatever challenges we may face.


Often though, it is the abundance of tough challenges and difficult circumstances in life that lead many to embrace low or mediocre expectations for themselves, others or the world around them. For some it may be the expectation to eventually drop out of school simply because no one else in your family has ever gone past a certain level of education. For others, it may be the expectation of always being a part of a broken home, mainly because long-lasting marriages are rarely seen in your community. Perhaps there is economic or emotional poverty that you find yourself struggling with. Or maybe even for some, it is a literal physical or mental condition which seems that it will forever limit your performance. Whatever the situation may be, I believe that God is able to do “exceeding abundantly above” anything that you expect for your life and this is done according to the “power that works in [you]”.


Therefore, you don’t have to be a victim of circumstance, but rather become a master of it. We have the potential to not merely meet these expectations, but to EXCEED all expectations. In spite of the expectations held by our peers, our family, society or even ones we’ve placed upon ourselves! Whatever the obstacle, whatever the impediment, whatever the challenge, whatever the problem, know that it can be conquered and not only that, but the problem can be solved in such a way the world has never seen before. #EngineeringGreatness

By: Nehemiah J. Mabry, PhD Founder and President of STEMedia who wholeheartedly believes “there is something inspiring about inspiring.”