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Poetry SLAM With a Twist! (TECHNIMETRIC II)

This year's STEM_Poetry Slam will be held on Thursday, January 21st at NC State's Talley Student Center

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“I’m not another E^x I’m making sure you differentiate me from the rest. This differentiation’s a part of me. I’m molding my own life like it’s pottery. These emcees are gonna show you what STEM is supposed to be. Welcome to Technimetric STEM Poetry.”

The innagural Technimetric Poetry Slam, held January 30, 2014, served to prove the theorem that an interest in math or science doesn’t mean that one only uses the left side of their brain. And while one might hypothesize that participation was limited only to STEM majors, event organizers disproved that assumption and branched out to include students of other majors including Business and English. With the spotlight on them, each participant combined techinical knowledge with their passion for creativity to perform inspiring, humorous, and illuminating poetic pieces to a packed house, sharing stories of love, friendship, and motivation.

“Colleges are label makers and degrees are nametags. And for them, in the end, they’re always more comfortable if they can fit you into a category…”

William Stewart, a senior Electrical Engineering major stated in his piece, when you tell someone you’re an engineering major, regardless of all your other extra-curricular pursuits, “they’ll still only know you as that math kid”. But for the participants of this event, they shattered the stereotypes associated with engineers, mathemeticians, and programmers. Each participant was expressive and charismatic, commanding the attention of the room as they lyrically expressed their thoughts, emotions, and observations.

“It’s our time and we gotta own it. If you’ve got the force to go the distance, then it’s your moment…”

While the night was certainly about the showcasing of poetic gifts, it was also about the awarding of prizes to noble participants. Every participant displayed skill on par with excellence, but in the end it was Alexis Carson, a sophomore Computer Science major, who impressed the judges and claimed the grand prize of an iPad Mini. The open-mic style competition, held on the campus of North Carolina State University, was hosted by STEMedia in collaboration with the NC State Chapter of NSBE, Sacrificial Poets, NCSU MEP, and My Health Impact.

This year’s event will be held January 21st @ 6:30 pm, in the Talley Ballroom on the campus of NC State University. Selected participants will perform original pieces on the subject of their choice (Comedy, Romance, Philosophy, Social Commentary, etc.) making sure to contain frequent technical (i.e. STEM) references. The best poet (as determined by judges) will receive a brand new Apple Watch. For more information about this event, visit STEMedia.org or contact Nehemiah Mabry via email nehemiah@stemedia.org.

Click HERE for your own STEMedia STEM_Poetry Planning Resource!

Author: Michael Vance is a writer based in Houston, TX. While he makes his living as a technical writer, he also wears many other hats including, podcast host, blogger, speaker, mentor and most importantly husband and father. You can connect with him on Twitter @mjsmartypants.