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Books Transformed Into Artwork ▶️

Image via: INSIDER YouTube Page

Books can be decorative. You can line them up in a bookshelf and use their spines to add color and texture to your space. You can also display them in a coffee table and let the colors and patterns of their covers brighten up your living room.

But Japanese artist Yuto Yamaguchi takes things a step further by transforming books into actual works of art. He does this by taking hardcover books and folding their pages to create sharp lines and smooth curves which, in turn, form sculpture-like pieces that can be displayed at home or in the office. Some of his popular pieces include books that are shaped like Batman’s symbol, Ironman’s head, Mickey Mouse’s silhouette, Star Wars’ iconic font, and other pop culture elements. He also makes pieces that are shaped like words (such as “Boo!”, “Dream”, and “Welcome”) as well as everyday objects like a heart, a trophy, and a coffee cup.


Yamaguchi’s works might not seem like a part of STEM at first glance, but they usually are. Every piece requires mathematical precision (and lots of time) to create, as every page must be measured down to the last centimeter and folded at just the right angle. So, these book “sculptures” don’t just make good living room centerpieces, but they also help people learn more about mathematical concepts.
Yamaguchi sells his finished works, but he also offers their patterns for sale so people can make their own art pieces.