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This is Why Girls Can’t Code

Image via: Girls Who Code on Youtube

“Girls can’t code”.

Some women have been hearing this for such a long time that unfortunately many eventually end up believing it. To show how ridiculous this sentence is, national non-profit organization Girls Who Code created this creative and funny video in which teenage girls share their excuses as to why they can’t code.


These include biological processes that are unique to women (such as menstruating and ovulating) and the “hassles” that are associated with them (like getting mood swings and having to change tampons every hour). They even include outrageous “reasons”, such as having boobs that distract their attention and long eyelashes that make it difficult for them to see computer screens.

What’s interesting about this video is that it outlines excuses that no self-respecting woman would ever utter. It also shows everyone that the biological differences of females are not enough reason to stop them from doing what their male counterparts can do.

“This is Why Girls Can’t Code” touches upon a relevant topic. The gender gap in computing has been widening even as the society moves closer to technological advancements. Only 18 percent of computer science gradates are women (compared to 37 percent in the 1980s), and girls are on track to fill only 3 percent of computer-related jobs that would be available in 2020. By showing that girls can code, the video encourages more women to be involved in Science, Technology, Engineering and/or Math (STEM) and build careers in this field.