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Intel’s Rock Star

Image via: alyssbc YouTube Page

The true genius of an advertisement is to become so commonplace that even people who do not use or know of your product know your brand. Intel has done something perhaps more ingenious. Like inventors behind the aglet (shoelace tip) or the paper coffee cup holder the inventions at Intel were destined to be used daily and forgotten if not for marketing that worked extremely well. It is no coincidence that when you envision your PC or Mac that you may have passing thoughts of the Intel symbol, find yourself humming the distinctive jingle or even have a brief memory of their commercials. They have created some impactful advertisements to get you to not only remember who they are but retain some of what they actually do.

In the video above they once again hit it out of the park! Liking the person who help to create the USB (universal serial bus) to that of a Rockstar is an interesting way to convey importance not only of the invention and the inventor but of the technology itself. In just 30 seconds you get the sense that this person is respected in the company and his achievements are so awe-inspiring he has fans cheering him on. Though this reenactment may be a bit exaggerated cue guy with adoringly fan made t shirt or the woman silently screaming as he passed, we here at STEMedia love the proposition that technological advancement is just as entertaining and worthy of fangirling as popular music. Kudos Intel let’s hope you create more advertisement just like this!