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OK Go’s Masterful Rube Goldberg Machine

Image via OK Go Youtube Page

Do you remember a board game called Mouse Trap? It was a remastered version of a Rube Goldberg Machine style game released in the ’90s. The commercial always displayed this elaborate contraption designed by the player to trap this toy mouse under a plastic cup. For a reason, unknown to me I was obsessed with this game and wanted nothing more than to build my own trap. Unfortunately as enthralled as I was at the idea my mother was less than enthused. I never got the official game but it led to hours of me “borrowing” my grandmother’s dominoes, my brother’s cars and my mother’s shoes to create my very own “mousetrap”…and looking back now it was one of the first times I really fell for STEM. When I saw this video by “OK Go” (below) I must say I wanted to immediately start building again!

There is something incredibly special about the video, aside from it reawakening the master builder in me, something in the music and the journey of the machine was not only entertaining, it was uplifting. It made me realize our community of STEM is a Rube Goldberg Machine. Each area is complicated, unique and elaborate but when working together those differences enhance the journey and make the goal not only attainable but inevitable.  We hope this video gets you thinking about how STEM works because of our differences not despite them!