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College Research – Episode 2 | The 1% Engineer

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Time for episode two, a look into  College Research .  Check it out below and check back on Wednesdays for new videos. Don’t forget to look into The 1% Engineer website for more interesting information.

In this episode, I discuss the benefits of conducting undergraduate research, and how it can propel your career. Conducting research at University of Delaware changed my life. It established a great relationship with a professor, enhanced relationships with other professors because I stood out, and this inevitably led me to other great opportunities and an awesome reference list. The three core benefits are distinguishability from other engineers, preparation for grad school admission, and becoming open minded to new and innovative ideas. I most likely would have never gotten into grad school without separating myself from other engineers, showing that I’m ready for an advanced academic environment. Also, I was able to build heightened relationships with professions who wanted to help me. Also, I would have never had the experience or awareness to start a drone business if it were not for undergraduate and then graduate level camera experience.