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What is your Intent? – Episode 9 | The 1% Engineer

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We are back with episode nine of the 1% Engineer Show, learning about your true intentions.  Check it out below and check back on Fridays for new videos. Don’t forget to look into The 1% Engineer website for more interesting posts!

In this episode, I discuss my summary of the Real Talk Summit which was a business conference held on March 18, 2017 in Vancouver, BC. Even though the audience for The 1% Engineer Show is not entrepreneurs, the core values overlap for young professionals and students. Essentially, the theme was about social good and making a positive impact in this world – a topic which is increasingly more important to young individuals today. Historically, companies were just out to make money and sometimes this was at the expense of the public, the environment, etc. Now, the reverse thinking should be applied. What can you do to help others? What are you doing to change the world? Think about this the next time you ask a friend to study together, or ask your teacher / professor for help with a job or connection. Maybe there’s a way you can help them first? Maybe there’s a way you can support the teachers environmental group, or social good group, for a hypothetical example here. What is your intent? If you really believe in your field, your major, your classmates, your profession, then you will be passionate enough to help first. You will find that this approach returns more to you than first asking what that relationship can do for you. Like in John F. Kennedy’s inaugural speech over 50 years ago, “Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country”. In this situation, replace the word country with… anything you like.