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“Team Player” | Elements of an Elite STEM Professional (#7)

ELEMENT #7 Team Player – [TP]

A person who plays or works well as a member of a team or group”

I was young when I learned the value of team­work right on the football field. I started play­ing pop warner football when I was ten years old, and year after year a group of us would ad­vance from level to level as we aged. We grew to a point where at the beginning of each season, it only took us a matter of a couple of weeks be­fore we were in sync again. The beauty about team sports is that the only way to be successful is if each person on the team plays their posi­tion well. The moment you miss your route or block you are putting your team in a vulnerable position.

I remember being so confident at the begin­ning of games because I knew I had a group of guys that were going to bring their best to the field; all I had to do was my part.

Being a team player forces you to humble yourself for the betterment of the entire team and focus on completing your role with excel­lence. As an engineer, I constantly have to col­laborate with other engineers. When designing mechanical systems, we always need the sup­port of electrical engineers to power our equip­ment. It was critical for our two trades to coor­dinate our drawings. The lack of coordination could cause the incorrect power supply to the buildings. Nobody would want to be the bearer of that bad news.

John Maxwell says “Teamwork makes the dream work, but a vision becomes a nightmare when the leader has a big idea and a bad team.”

Listening to a leader at a large organization, the question was asked, how do you solve a lot of the problems that you face? He just replied, “I surround myself with gurus, and we work as a team.” Teamwork is the fundamental cause of corporate success, learning what your role is, and carrying it out with excellence places your team in a winning position.

How do you become a better team player?

Seek to add value

Always have the goal to increase the value to whatever team you are a part of. You want the team to be better than you found it.

Understand your strengths and weak­nesses

Everyone on the team should be operating in their strengths; therefore eliminating the impact of weakness any individual may have.

This piece comes to us from one of our amazing community members and STEMedia Partners, Ricky Venters. This new series is based from his book Live on E. His bio is below, be sure to check out his awesome website and if you would like to work with us you can email us here!

Ricky Venters is recognized as an Engineer of Impact. Defying the odds,completed his Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering and has achieved his Professional Engineering License. During his tenure in STEM related fields, Ricky recognized the increasing competitiveness in the industry and sought to become a source of inspiration and mentor to students and young professionals in STEM related fields. Follow him now!