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Make America Space Again

November (2017) Aaron Shepard 0

One of the most memorable experiences in my life happened during my first high school cross country race. I was excited to compete and eager to show that I could beat every other person to […]

5 STEM Careers that no one tells you about

October (2017) J.C. 0

When thinking of careers in STEM, there are a few jobs that likely come to mind. Doctor, engineer, actuary, programmer, teacher — these options take center stage in the popular understanding of science careers. Though […]

How Connected Are We?

October (2017) Khalid Birdsong 0

You pick up your cell phone filled with exciting anticipation. What will you discover this time? After the fun of scrolling through your feed and posting an update, logging out can be difficult. You think, […]

Become Enthusiastic About Life & STEM

October (2017) admin 0

In Part 1 of my interview with Maira Garcia, we learned that Maira was a control-systems engineer at Honeywell working on turbofan engines and that she is passionate about engineering.  In Part 2 of the […]

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