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Make America Space Again

November (2017) Aaron Shepard 0

One of the most memorable experiences in my life happened during my first high school cross country race. I was excited to compete and eager to show that I could beat every other person to […]


May (2017) Cynthia Sharpe 0

Well folks, the event near and dear to our hearts in grade school is still trucking. That’s right, the science fair is still inspiring, astounding, and challenging youth and adults alike. Though science fair season […]

HeLa: A Hidden Heroine

March (2017) Cynthia Sharpe 0

African American women have been deeply involved in STEM longer than most people suspect. If your focus is science, particularly cell research, you have likely become acquainted with HeLa cells. Whether by ear or by […]

The Future of Sport is STEM [The NBA G-League]

February (2017) Michael Vance 0

The National Basketball Association Development League (NBA D-League) recently announced a multiyear partnership with Gatorade, creating a unique and groundbreaking partnership between the global leader in professional basketball and the iconic sports fuel company. As […]

Science: Not Just for Scientists

August (2016) Caila Holley 0

It’s easy to believe that science is just for those who have studied it for years and work as professionals in the field. After all, what can ordinary people possibly know that these experts don’t? […]

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