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Latest Episodes

Episode 21 – Building a Business in the Construction Industry (Interview w/ James Sampson)

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Episode 20 – Helping Relationships with Dessert & Discussion (Interview w/ Alex Merritt)

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Episode 19 – Removing Innovation Deserts from Our Communities (Interview w/ Felecia Hatcher)

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Episode 18 – Social Media Mastery with LiveWire Collaborative (Angela Pitter Interview)

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Episode 17 – Living “The Kinetic Life” in order to Drive Influence (Interview w/ Melerick “Mel” Mitchell)

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Episode 16 – How IntelliFunda created a motivational tutoring app that helps students succeed in Math (w/ Dr. Maria T Earle)

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Episode 15 – Helping Girls have a Foundation “INTech” with User-Centered Design Professional, Khalia Braswell

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 Episode 14 – How this Solopreneur Became a SAP Consultant for some of the Biggest Brands in the Game! (Interview w/Richard Z. White)

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Episode 13 – A Business housing the Brilliance of Musical Artist, Speaker, Forest Scientist, Professor, and Pastor Dr. Thomas Easley

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Episode 12 – Software as a Service (SaaS) Platform Built to Solve a Pain Point with Mentoring (Interview w/ Brit Fitzpatrick)

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Episode 11 – How to Find Your Next Business Idea F.A.S.T.

Episode 10 – A Great Recession Layoff Lead to Leveraging Her Experience in the Launch of an Entrepreneurship Journey in Professional Development (Interview w/ Vivian Blade)

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Episode 9 – A Background in Business aided in the Launch of an Independent Music Career (Interview w/ KJ Scriven)

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Episode 8 – Happy Holidays!: 7 Gifts from the First 7 Interviews (+ 7 “Must Play” Christmas Songs 😉

Episode 7 – Double Duty: Entrepreneurship as a franchisee and publishing company owner (Interview w/ Keith Sylvester)

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Episode 6 – It’s Not Complicated: INC Tutoring is making a direct impact in the lives of students. (Interview w/ Jay Veal)

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Episode 5 – Blendoor: A new app to combat discrimination and bias during the job application process. (Interview w/ Stephanie Lampkin)

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Episode 3 – Michael Garvin (Interview): A Military Veteran and former Science Major Join Forces to start a Sneaker Boutique

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Episode 2 – Dr. Maeling Murphy (Interview): How a personal passion turned into a lucrative business.

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Episode 1 – Jewel Burks (Interview): How noticing a market “hole” at work led to the launching of Partpic

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Episode 0 – Heather Gibbs